Cloud Chasing Facts and Info

Cloud chasing is the act of exhaling big vapor clouds while using an electronic cigarette. If you want to try cloud chasing yourself, you should know that cloud chasing is easy to do, as long as you have a high-quality vaporizer and good e-juice.

While it may take some practice, we believe that it’s possible to get the hang of it in no time flat. This is why we think that you should try it. The fancier tricks, such as the French inhale, are a bit tougher to master, but they may be learned fairly quickly and they are fun to do.

Today, we’re going to share some information about cloud chasing and how to try it yourself!

How to Start Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing is all about blowing out big water vapor clouds. We believe that choosing quality e-cig gear is hugely helpful when it comes to making big, fat clouds that impress. Whether you want to do cloud chasing for fun or for competition, you should consider investing in an e-cig which is known for its water vapor production.

If you want more power than a typical e-cig will give you, consider investing in a bigger, bulkier vaporizer which contains all of the right modifications. The most impressive options are usually vape box mods. They are bigger, so they are able to hold powerful components and they usually produce epic water vapor clouds.

Any vaporizer that you buy should be known for producing big clouds. With cloud chasing, you try to make a bigger cloud than the person that you’re with, or the biggest cloud in a competition. The key to success is technique and equipment. In terms of technique, you’ll find that exhaling slowly is the best way to make larger clouds.

We believe that slow exhalation is the best way to get great results, so try to train yourself to exhale in a slow and steady fashion. If you exhale quickly, you may not get the rich and thick water vapor that you like.

Learn How to “French Inhale”

The French Inhale is a trick which a lot of cloud chasers love to do. It’s about exhaling water vapor and then inhaling it through the nose. When you try it, expect to need some practice in order to master it. It’s a great way to do a fancier trick which is competition-ready. However, you’ll probably need to try it multiple times before it seems easy.

One tip is to look at videos of cloud chasers and cloud chasing competitions. See what the people in the videos do in order to get more size and scale from their clouds and then try to do the same. Sometimes, it’s really helpful to see other people doing these tricks and we believe that watching the videos is one of the easiest ways to learn.

When you master exhalation and a few tricks, you’ll feel more competent as a cloud chaser, whether you want to do it just for fun or for a competitive event.

Ecig and Vape Batteries

If you’re into vaping, you’ll need to buy new batteries now and then. When it’s time to replace a battery, or stock up just in case you need to replace one in the future, you should know that shopping for what you need online will be the best way to save money.

We believe that online suppliers offer the best deals on these vaping essentials. Since online retailers have lower overhead than local vape and smoke shops, they are able to offer what the sell for lower prices. Today, we’d like to share some tips on how to find vape batteries for great prices!

Know What You Want

With so many vape batteries out there in the online marketplace, it’s best to perform targeted Google searches. These types of searches should contain long-tail keywords which help to generate perfect search engine results. For example, if you know that you need a specific types of vape battery, such as the popular 18650 size, then add that information to your first Google search for vape batteries.

Every vaporizer is different. If you aren’t sure which type of replacement vape battery is right for you, we recommend reading the Owner’s Manual which came with your e-cig or vape box mod.

Following the recommendations of your e-cig manufacturer is smart!

Check Out A Few Websites

Lots of websites that show up in your search engine results will offer the type of vape batteries that you want. You’ll probably be able to choose a replacement vape battery which is exactly the same as the one you’re using now. However, there should also be batteries available from other brands and some of these may be more affordable than what you are using presently. Some may be of higher or lower quality.

To decide what’s best, look at the choices at a few different websites that sell these vape batteries and then make a selection. One you find an appealing vape battery, which is the right size for your vaporizer, you should read customer reviews to see if other people enjoy using the battery that interests you. If it gets good reviews, there’s just one more step in the process and that’s pricing the battery at different online retailers. As long as a retailer has a good reputation, buying from the one with the lowest price will be safe and smart.

Vape Chargers

Discover the Benefits of Multi-port Vape Battery Chargers

If you want to find a new vape battery charger which is supremely practical, you should definitely check out vape battery chargers which have more than one port. These days, most of us vaping fans own more than one battery. We know from experience that it’s better to have at least a couple on hand. It’s the key to accessing vaping pleasure whenever it’s desired!

Why Are These Chargers So Good?

When you do choose a multi-port vape battery charger, you’ll be able to charge up multiple batteries and then attach them to your vaporizer once the existing battery on the vaporizer runs out of power. With a multi-port charger, you’ll always have a fully-charged vaporizer battery on hand! There are styles which hold two batteries, three batteries of four batteries.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of these chargers, let’s talk about how to get a great deal on them online!

Look for a Good Manufacturer

Chargers don’t usually cost a lot, even when they are of superb quality. However, they are still an investment and this is why we think that searching for vape battery chargers from trusted and established vape battery manufacturers is the smartest way to find the cream of the crop.

Comparing the multi-port chargers of three or four respected vape battery manufacturers will be a great way to access superb quality. Look at features, price, customer reviews and ease of usage before making a final decision. Of course, you’ll also need to find a multi-port vape battery chargers which is just the right size for your vaporizer.

The best vape battery manufacturers tend to offer chargers in an array of sizes. For example, they offer multi-port designs for 18650 and 26650 batteries, as well as more specialized vape batteries. If you don’t already know which battery size is right for your e-cig or mod, you should check the printed materials that came with your device. If you can’t find your Owner’s Manual, just look online. It should be easy to get the inside scoop on which battery size is right for your device.

Shop for Vape Battery Chargers Today

Now that you know just how sensible and smart buying a multi-port vape battery charger will be, why not shop for one today? You’ll find great deals on multi-port vape battery chargers online, at Nitecore’s official website and at other online retailers. Nitecore is just one example of a respected manufacturer of these types of vape battery chargers.